Why You Should Read Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday’s You

     Today I will be reviewing a book that I read recently. It really moved me! I wish everyone outside of Japan would also read this wonderful book! So let’s put the anime aside for a while, and talk about this amazing book!

Tomorrow I will Date With Yesterday’s You (ぼくは明日、昨日の君とデートする)


Question: Can you guess what the story is about just by reading the title?
Time travel? – No.
Characters with special powers? – No…
There is a big chance that the plot twist will blow your mind!

※This review will not reveal the big punch line, but please be warned that there are some spoilers here.


     Meet Takatoshi, a college student at an Art University in Kyoto Prefecture. One thing that Takatoshi does well, is falling in love inside the train. He always falls for someone on the way to school! One day, during the rush hour, the art student finds himself admiring this girl, who is not a “beauty pageant girl”, but who has the most beautiful eyes, which keeps his attention.

     Again, he finds himself falling in love with a stranger, until he realizes that he is leaving the train in a different station, just to run after this girl. Takatoshi gains courage and successfully starts a conversation with Emi (her name). The two change their numbers and start to date after a while, making for a beautiful love story.
Except that Emi tends to cry at almost everything. What is the big secret behind all of this unexplainable sadness?
One day, Takatoshi finds Emi’s notebook on his room, and as he open it, he sees notes about their future written on the pages of what seemed to be Emi’s diary. As the big mystery is revealed, Takatoshi finally understands what is going on, and a big wave of sadness hits the reader.
     Tomorrow I will date with Yesterday’s You was considered the saddest fantasy novel written in Japan!

     Two-thirds of the way into the book, the author, Takafumi Natsuki, describes the happiness that couple share together, featuring the beautiful streets of Kyoto. The storytelling is so good, that when the two see each other for the first time, you feel nervous with them. Then, when they officially start to date, you feel butterflies in your stomach!! In short, it is a love story that makes you blush and fall in love with the characters.

     However, there is something that changes their relationship forever.

     When I finally realized what was happening on the book, my heart fell into pieces, making me almost cry while siting on the train back home. I had to close the book and continue the reading at home (lol). The second half of the book makes you feel the same level of sadness that you felt of happiness during the first half.

      Since the story belongs in the fantasy genre, it may not sound realistic, but when you start putting yourself on the characters’ shoes, you really wish not to have a relationship like that.

3 reasons to read Tomorrow I will date with Yesterday’s You

1.The writing is easy to understand.

     Japanese novels tend to have a complicated writing with difficult meanings expressed in few characters. Even though I am Japanese, sometimes I have to stop and re-read the same line over and over in order to understand the meaning of the phrase. Maybe a certain level of fluency of the language is required to fully understand a book written in Japanese. However, Tomorrow I will date with Yesterday’s You is easy to understand, with no hard expressions. It is the perfect book for anyone looking to start reading in Japanese!

2. The Scenario

      The story takes place in the prefecture of Kyoto, but not in the spots that appear on Guide Books such as Kinkaku-ji or Kiyomizu-dera. The characters appear more on local places like shopping districts, small streets, inside the university and on the train… The book shows a different part of Kyoto!  I only visited Kyoto once, but Takafumi’s writing is good enough to make us picture those aspects of Kyoto. You can read the story imagining your own version of Kyoto!

     For those interested in knowing where the story takes place, there is an article (written in Japanese) that shows pictures of the places that inspired the story! http://blog.livedoor.jp/mn3356/

3. The movie version is about to be released!

     If you think that the book is too difficult for you to read at this point, do not worry! The movie version of Tomorrow I will date with Yesterday’s You will be on the theaters from December 17!

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

     The novel got a big repercussion by readers, selling more than 1.1 million copies! And now, we will be able to see the amazing scenario in Kyoto on the upcoming movie! Takatoshi and Emi will be played by the beautiful actors Sota Fukushi and Nana Komatsu.

The casting is a little bit different from what I’ve pictured in my mind, but the movie seems to keep the same vibe from the book! I cannot wait to see it on the theater!

If you are interested in buying the book, here is our link: https://luxas.org/products/tomorrow-i-will-date-with-yesterdays-you 



  1. Flavia

    Great review! I really want to read the book and watch the movie now! I really want to get back into Japanese and Korean films and TV shows, and watching this film may help me do that 🙂

    I’m drowning under piles of books right now though…so I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. Maybe if I tell my parents about it, they’ll get it somehow and force me to watch it with them 😛

  2. Post
  3. Uncle

    Thank you so much for you review! I just finish watching the movie and I am feeling all messed up inside.
    I Love all of Japanese Love genre movies and anime.

    I feel so bitter sweet sad and comforted….

    Good review!

  4. Chris Hiramine

    so the ending …… is it starting all over again ?? I mean I understand that he says they are connected in a loop but at the end is like she is starting from day 1 instead of being her last day………… am i wrong ??

  5. pekonzzz

    i wonder which language is this novel converted to? i like this movie and love japanese novel but i don’t know japanese 🙁

  6. Alyssa Karounos


    I desperately need to read this after watching the movie. But I don’t know any Japanese. Is it in English anywhere?

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