Facts That Will Make Your Anime Even More Interesting Part2 : Yuri!!! on ICE

yuri-on-ice01The  new anime which started in October is all about Figure Skating!
Meet Yuri Katsuki, a super strong figure skating athlete. However, Yuri passes through an emotional storm during the final of his first Grand Pix of Figure Skating, making a big mistake during the competition. After the big disaster, he is not chosen anymore to participate on any other big competition, ending the season with not much accomplished. Since the athlete had graduated already from his university, Yuri goes back to his hometown, in Hasetsu for the first time in 5 years, to think about what he will do. In order to cool down his head, Yuri practices the skating routine of the Russian athlete, Victor Nikiforov. After having his friend uploading the dance moves on the internet without his permission, Yuri receives a surprising visit at his home; Victor Nikiforov himself, offering to become his coach.

The 3rd episode was just aired, with Victor becoming the official trainer of Yuri! During the episode, Yuri of Japan and the Yuri of Russia face each other in a duel, with Yuri (Japan) dancing “Eros” and Yurio (Yuri Plisetsky’s nickname) dancing “Agape“. I am super excited to see how they will create their movements for their song.

This is an original anime, with no manga or any other story behind it! Since there is no way to know how the story is going to unfold, people are starting to creating forums to discuss and predict the future of Yuri!!! on ICE.

I will be showing you 4 interesting facts here such as
・The athletes that inspired the creation of the characters
・The places scenarios of Yuri!!! on ICE
・The underplot in the opening scene
・The “Victor’s death theory”



<<< Yuri Katsuki
Many people have been saying that the inspiration behind the main character is the former Japan representative, Daisuke Takahashi. Just like the Japanese athlete, the biggest weapon of Yuri is his unique sense of rhythm and the steps no one can mimic. However, Yuri does not work well under pressure, which is another match with Daisuke Takahashi.


<<< Victor Nikiforov
Even though it is thought that the relationship between Yuri and Victor is just like that of Yuzuru Hanyu and Plushenko, the character of Victor was actually based on the film director JCM(John Cameron Mitchell).

<<< Yuri Plisetsky
Yuri was actually born after the the writer Mitsuro Kubo seeing the athlete Julia Lipnitskaia for the first time. She imaged the girl wearing a leopard pattern uniform and playing a masculine character.

The Scenarios


The Haetsu Castle that sometimes appears on the anime, was based on the Kratsu Castle!

Unfortunately, the inside part of Karatsu Castle, is not a mansion for Ninjas! LOL.




The home of Yuri, “Yuutopia Katsuki” was created after the Kagamiyama Hotspring! The hot spring has also a Katsudon restaurant!

yu-topia  yu-topia2

Check out the other scenarios that appear on the anime!

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The Story Hidden in The Opening Scene

The hot topic now is the difference between the OP of the first and second episode!
Check it out:

You can see the colors getting thicker! During the second episode, Victor bashes at Yuri, saying that he “has not personality and is more mediocre than he imagines, so he should be more self-aware of that”. The darker colors may be showing the change of personality of Yuri. Apparently, there was no change in the color from the 2nd to the 3rd episode. I am so so excited to see what will happen next!

History Maker/Dean Fujioka

The songwriter/composer and singer of the opening theme is Dean Fujioka gave an interview about the song, saying that “History Maker is a cheer song for those who is brave enough to overcome their limits everyday. And it is of course, a song dedicated to all athletes that challenge themselves in the competitive world, and people who try to make history! The message in the song includes the point of view of our main character Yuri, and also that of everyone else, who also makes history. I wrote the phrase ‘Where your destiny lies, dancing on the blades‘ imagining Jedi (Star Wars) dueling. A brilliant figure who is also powerful”.

This was my explanation of the underlying story in the OP, but you should also check the Closing Credits, which has a gorgeous performance with a wonderful song!

Closing Theme Song Video (Short Ver.):

Victor’s Death Theory


There is another rumor agitating the fans! And that is the “Victor’s Death Theory”!

①Yuri always speaks about Victor in past tense.
②The Victor is appearing darker on the opening credits?
③The title and the lyrics of the Ending Credit song “You Only Live Once” may have a deeper meaning.
④On the beginning the second episode, the coach of Victor and Yurio, Yakov,  looked at Victor and said “If you take a break now, you won’t come back”. Also, when Yurio goes bring Victor back, the first thing she says is “what the hell, you are full of life”. Is Victor with big health problems?

It would be so freaking sad if the predictions are correct and Victor dies…
Let’s have hope for the future episodes・・・;-((((

The post became a little bit long but that is all for today!
Thank you for reading my post until the end! If you have any idea for the next “Facts that will make your anime even more interesting”, please let me know on the comments! ★
See you next time!



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  1. Mudra

    What? “Victor’s death theory”….? Are you kidding me?

    Hell no, he can’t freaking die. He has to marry Yuuri and have kids and live happily ever after.

    I won’t forgive the YOI staff if any of the main characters die.

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